The Place Theatre, Bedford

A News Feed from The Place!

The Place is delighted to offer an RSS/XML News Feed, containing the latest information about the Theatre Shows and Auditions taking place at The Place.

If you’re not sure what News Feeds are and how to use them, see the News Feeds Q & A further down this page.

RSS/XML News Feed Subscribe to our News Feed:

Many modern web browsers will have automatically detected the News Feed link on this page: Look for the orange News Feed symbol on your browser’s address bar or menu bar and click on it, or click on the orange symbol in this box - you should be given the option to subscribe to this feed. With other software, you may have to click on the orange symbol in this box and then cut and paste the web address into your reader software - see the instructions for your particular software for details.

News Feeds Q & A

What is a News Feed?

A News Feed (sometimes called a Web Feed) is a mechanism which allows you to see when the information on a website has been updated without having to visit the website. When changes or additions are made to the relevant section of the website, you will automatically be alerted to the change the next time you run your software, and offered a list of headlines with a brief description of each new or updated item. If an item is of interest you can then click on a link to open the full web page for that item.

What software do I need?

Most of the latest web browsers - Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera, and Safari - have news reader software built into them, so you may not need any other software beyond the software you’re using to view this page! Alternatively, there are numerous separate news reader (or "aggregator") programs available - type "aggregator" into your favourite search engine for a list. Some web-based portals, such as My Yahoo!, offer the facility to add a News Feed to your personalised home page.

When does The Place update its News Feed?

Our News Feed will be updated when:
  • We add a new show to our Theatre Shows list;
  • We add a new audition to our Forthcoming Auditions page;
  • We add any other public event to our diary, for example a concert or workshop;
  • We make a major change to any of the above after publication - for example, a cancellation, or a change of start time.